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Custom dress shirts come in a variety of styles

There quite interesting things to know about the men’s dress shirt, basic point to considered have been mentioned below, if you know all or some of these things, it would be pretty easy to buy good quality shirt. Fabric and fit Fabric is the first thing one...


How to buy versatile shirt for all occasions

If you are type of person who wants to look smart and well dressed for all occasions then best approach would be to buy versatile clothing. This way you don’t need bigger wardrobe and you can curtail your spending on clothing as well. Shirts can...


Design Your Own Clothes Online

Are you thinking of designing your own cloths online, it can be done very easily and successfully these days, but it is highly recommended to browse some websites before going for designing, to have clear and precise idea what you wish and which is better...


How to Monogram – Monogramming Etiquette for Men

Those men who enjoy wearing customized dress shirts; monogram on the shirts is one of the reasons why they go for customized shirts. Monograms are a classy way of giving personalized touch to your shirts. These monograms are usually initials of your name, or it...


Types of dress shirts collar

There is no doubt that Collar and cuff have great significance in a dress shirt.  Different styling options are available for both. Since the collar of the shirt is most visible part of shirt while wearing a jacket therefore right styling of the shirt collar...

How to wear button down shirts casually

How to wear button down shirts casually

Years back button down color was invented for men on horse, especially the polo players, who wanted to be free from collar touching their face. Eventually the buttoned down collar shirts were tailored by the Brooks Brother in the 19th century. This shirt is termed...